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Types, Styles and Uses of Bowling Bags


Bowling History, Bowling Equipment,The Different Types, Styles and Uses of Bowling Bags: Thing's to Consider Before Purchasing a Bowling Bag

Bowling Equipment Used In Ten Pin Bowling: Bowling Bags

There really is not much history about a bowling bag. But, they have changed in shape over the years of bowling. In addition, the bowling bag in ten pin bowling is not a requirement if you do not have your own bowling ball and use a ball supplied by the bowling center. In addition, not necessary if you leave your bowling ball at the bowling centers locker. But, bowling bags do make it allot easier to transport a bowling ball, shoes and other accessories from place to place. From home to bowling center or to tournaments for the avid bowler.

Bowling Bags: Types, Styles and Uses

The Retro Bowling Bag:

The retro style was common in the 1950's and 1960's and even early 1970's. This bag holds one bowling ball and has a place for bowling shoes and accessories inside under a metal ball holder. Has 2 handles and a zipper which is used to open and close the bag.

retro bowling bag

The Tote Bowling Bag:

The tote design became popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's. This bag was made out of a canvas type material and was flexible. There where two types, the 1 and 2 ball bowling bag tote. They had a strap that one could use to carry the bag over the shoulder. In addition to, handles that one could carry the bag with their hand. Also has a zipper and a side compartment to hold bowling shoes and accessories.

tote bowling bag

Bowling Bags on Wheels:

Bowling bags on wheels or roller bowling bags became popular in the late 1980's and early 1990's. These bags are the bag of choice by most league and tournament bowlers. This is because it is easier to pull your bag on rollers than it is to carry it. There are many different styles and shapes, from the inline type to the stack-able. These bags can hold from 1 bowling ball up to as many as 6. They can be rolled or carried. Do to the fact that these bags have a handle used to pull the bag like suitcase and a handle to carry the ball over the shoulder. In addition to, a handle to carry with the bag with your hand. They have the best of both world advantage to them. They also have zipper compartments to hold bowling shoes and accessories.

bowling bags on wheels

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Bowling Bag

  1. How Many Bowling Balls Do You Own:
    If you just have one bowling ball you might not need a costly or big bowling bag. When you yourself have lots of bowling balls you will be needing a larger and an excellent bag.
  2. How Often You Bowl:
    If you only bowl once a week or once in awhile. Do you bowl in tournaments or lots of leagues. These are very important things to consider.
  3. The Price of the Bowling Bag:
    You want to get the very best bag for your requirements that you can afford. There are lots of good bowling bags at a good price.
  4. The Type of Bowling Bag:
    There are many different types of bags from ball totes to 6 ball roller bags from inline to streamline, ensure you get the style for your needs.
  5. The Compartments:
    What are your requirements in compartments not all bowling bags have the same features in things such as shoe size, location, and how many they have, are they located like on the side or at the top or inside the bag.
  6. The Wheels on a Bowling Bag:
    Look at the wheels, the wider the wheel the more sturdy they are, narrow wheels may tip over when going up and down steps. Additionally, be sure you get a sturdy handle.

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