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 Bowling Equipment,  Bowling Shoes, Different Types, Purchasing Bowling Shoes, Breaking In, Maintaining Bowling Shoes

Bowling Equipment Used In Ten Pin Bowling: Bowling Shoes

Learning About Bowling Shoes.

Apart from a bowling ball, a really good set of bowling shoes is the second crucial piece of equipment the bowler really should have. Bowling shoes are usually available at most bowling centers for rent. Rental shoes usually do not fit to well and have been worn by many other people. Getting your own pair of bowling shoes when taking up bowling is recommended. In addition, purchasing new bowling shoes can be done, online, from a local pro-shop or bowling center. One thing one should know is not all bowling shoes are created equal. In addition, when it comes to bowling shoes you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap you get cheap.

Different Types of Bowling Shoes.

There are a couple different types of bowling shoes. Some look like tennis shoes these are usually the least expensive. Others look like dress shoes, and made out of vinyl or leather. Some bowling shoes have a flatter bottom and others have a raised heel. The bowling shoe called a Blucher is wider at the toe area and good if you have a wide foot. The more expense shoes will have interchangeable heels and soles to help you get the slide combination you are looking for.

Thing's to Consider Before Purchasing Your Own Bowling Shoes.

The size of your foot, you want to make sure you get the right size of shoe before you buy them. How often you bowl if you only bowl once a week or once and awhile. Do you bowl in tournaments or lots of leagues. Consider the price of the bowling shoes and your pocket book. You need to get the best shoes for your needs. As well as what you can afford. The style of shoe, this is a important for most bowlers. Finally, do the shoes have glued or stitched bottoms. Hence better made more expensive shoes will be stitched not glued.

Breaking In New Bowling Shoes.

There is usually a break-in period for new bowling shoes. They tend to not slide to well at first and are stiff. You can break in bowling shoes quicker. Just put them on a walking around your home. You really want to pay close attention to the bottom of your bowling shoes. Because a flatter bottom shoe will stick when trying to slide more than the raised heel type.

Maintaining Your Bowling Shoes.

Maintaining your bowling shoes is important too. You want to make sure to keep the bottoms dry. In addition, avoid walking in a dust or debris on the floor. A few items to help with this is a shoe brush, and bowling shoe covers.

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