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The Basic Fundamentals of Ten Pin Bowling


How To Play Bowling, How To Bowl

How to Bowl: The Basic Fundamentals

Before you start learning how to play bowling you need to know a few terms. In addition, you will need a few things like bowling equipment, then you will need to learn the basic fundamentals of the modern version of the game of ten pin bowling. Outlined below, first the terms used, then the basic equipment, and finally the basic fundamentals in that order to help you learn how to play bowling.

The Basic Terms Used In Ten Pin Bowling.

  • Bowling ball
  • Bowling shoes
  • Lane or Alley
  • Bowling center, alley or house.
  • Approach
  • Dots and arrows
  • Pins
  • Lines
  • A strike
  • A spare
  • An open or miss
  • A frame
  • Gutter ball
  • 4 bagger
  • A line of bowling
  • 10 pin
  • A mark
  • The ditch
  • A split
  • A rack
  • Double
  • Turkey
  • Bucket
  • Sleeper
  • Greek Church
  • Big Four
  • 7 - 10 Split

We will explain the meanings of these terms in more detail in other articles. These were just some of the basic ones to help learn how to play bowling.

The Basic Equipment Used In Ten Pin Bowling.

  1. Bowling ball
  2. Bowling shoes
  3. A Place to Play Bowling = A Bowling Center or Bowling Alley.
  4. A Bowler or Yourself.

The Basic Fundamentals of Ten Pin Bowling.

These basic fundamentals of bowling have been the same for thousands of years. The idea is to take one object and throw or roll it at another one to knock it over. As the game progressed over the years a scoring method added and then played for competition, added rules for the game and so on as it incrementally progressed. How to play bowling in its modern stage to do this, there are 5 basic fundamentals to play bowling and get you started on the right track.

The 5 Fundamentals Of Bowling.

Fundamental #1: Find a Good Fitting Bowling Ball
Find a properly fitted bowling ball with a conventional grip. Most bowling centers supply bowling balls but, they usually do not fit. It is best to buy your own bowling ball, you do not have to get an expensive ball when you're just starting out.

Fundamental #2 - Learn The Basic Bowling Approach.
The 4 step approach in bowling is the most recommended method in the game.

Fundamental #3 - Learn The Basic Targeting Methods In Bowling.
Learn spot, arrow or line bowling. Learn about the dots and arrows on the bowling lane and how to use them. Learn the different angles and how to use these when rolling for a strike or rolling for a spare.

Fundamental #4 - Learn Basic Spare Shooting.
Learn spare shooting. Spares in bowling, especially as a beginner, are the biggest key to improving your score.

Fundamental #5 - Learn From Other Bowlers or Find a Coach.
Ask questions and if you can find a certified USBC bowling coach in your area they can help tremendously.

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How to Play Bowling - The Basic Fundamentals of Ten Pin Bowling