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What Is Bowling, Ten Pin Bowling

What Is Ten Pin Bowling

Bowling or ten pin bowling is one of the oldest pastimes in the world. Who knows how it started for sure? Know one really knows how it got started. Perhaps a couple of bored prehistoric men one day in between bouts hunting and struggling to survive, and the two of them decided to throw rocks at pieces of wood to see who could knock down the most pieces. Why did they do it? They did it because it was fun.

The game we now know as "bowling" or "ten pin bowling" has roots that date back as far as 5,000 years. Members of the Roman Empire played bowling, and spread throughout Europe and into the New World over the centuries. In all of its many forms, one feature that has remained consistent is: you have a round object, and you roll it along the ground to knock down another object. When you succeed in knocking down the object, you score. It's as simple as that. Over the thousands of years the game of ten pin bowling has evolved to what we have now.

A game that consists of a modern bowling ball, bowling lane and 10 bowling pins. A scoring method that consists of ten frames. The basic concept is the same, you take the modern bowling ball and roll it down the bowling lane to knock down as many bowling pins as you can.

What is Bowling The Basic Concept

You have two shots to per-frame to knock down the 10 pins. 10 frames in a game to make your final score. The scoring in a series of a 10 count with a multiplier or bonus if all ten-pins are down on the first and second shot. The last frame gets a chance to roll three times. If all ten-pins down on the first shot it is called a strike and if it takes two shots to knock them down is it called a spare. The strike bonus is 10 plus the next two balls rolled and a spare is 10 plus the first ball rolled as the multiplier. The maxim score is 300 which is known as perfect game.

Well that is the basics of modern ten pin bowling. One of the most popular participation sport in the world. It can be done for competition or just a fun night out. How did it start or what is the history of bowling, that we will discus in our next article.

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